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T.R. Knight Fans, Unite!

At last, the entire nation can enjoy him...

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This is the first and (currently) the only LiveJournal community for T.R. Knight, one of the stars of ABC's new hit show Grey's Anatomy, on which he plays the oh-so-loveable character of George O'Malley.

Grey's Anatomy airs on Sundays at 10pm/9pm Central on ABC.

1) Please place any large pictures, articles, etc behind an LJ cut.
2) Please keep posts on topic as much as possible (read: about T.R.!).
3) Feel free to promote communities related to T.R. and Grey's Anatomy, or any of his future or past projects. I reserve the right to delete any advertising I deem to be unrelated to this community.
5) Icons, graphics, and fan-art are welcome! Please remember to place them behind an LJ-cut when appropriate.
4) Spread love, not hate. =)

Actor information from ABC.com:

Actor information at IMDb.com:

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The moderator of this community is valsapena. If you have any comments or questions, please send them that way.

T.R. Knight In Tights Is Love

T.R. Knight Is Love

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